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On Demand Maintenance & Enhancement
Maintenance and Support of applications has always been fixed cost centric. Traditional Service agreements, with or without SLA, has been centered on maintenance and support desks with fixed number of resources for fixed period of time. For enterprises with varying requirements, Full Time Employee (FTE) Support may not be the right model.
In the case of Small and Medium Business (SMB), cost is a critical factor as much as the service. Ability to meet user requirements as well as meeting budget constraints is a critical requirement.
Fixed Cost Model does not provide the incentive to reduce the call volume. Users log calls or raise requirements as Support Desk is always available. In times of varying requirements i.e., launch of new markets, scaling up the desk for temporary timeframe becomes an issue.
The solution lies in treating Maintenance as a Utility, treating Support as a Service. Cost Model can be pure ‘Pay per Use’ or on a Fixed / Variable Model driven by call volume parameters. This helps companies to reduce the Support cost over a period of time. Each enhancement can be analyzed for cost / benefit as cost can be associated with each one of them.

Thirdware's Offerings on 'On Demand Support'
  • Complete variable cost model for Support / Maintenance / Enhancement
  • Fixed / Variable cost model for handling steady states with new launches
  • All models with SLA, cost freeze and warranty on codes


Executive Summery
On Demand Maintenance Services with no fixed commitments
Complete variable cost model providing 30% reduction in support cost
Firm commitment on delivery, price and quality

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