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2- 4 weeks for set up

Medium Complexity
Faster ROI
QAD on Cloud offers multiple use cases for meeting business requirements while reducing IT Cost. Use Cases consists of creating QA & Dev environments and Data Back Up on the Cloud. Companies can effectively use QAD on Cloud to create sandboxes to test new modules, manage migrations, back up data across sites and archive data.
What is QAD on Cloud and how is it relevant? Cloud is nothing but a virtualized application stack and servers available as On Demand IT Infrastructure and with Subscription style pay-for-use.
Companies can use Cloud to create a complete QAD environment. They can back up application & data, and integrate the same for testing functionalities. They can host environments to ensure successful migration to higher versions. Or archive long term data to reduce complexities of delete / archive. All these with significantly reduced operating cost while affording total control & flexibility.
QAD on Cloud addresses concerns on data safety with encryption at transmission and storage level. Usage can be controlled with On Demand availability. Cost of usage can be monitored and controlled with preset limits and alerts.

  • Manage migration & testing with Cloud based environments
  • Manage QAD data back up across sites from central location
  • Archive old data and eliminate delete / archive
  • Complete consulting on your QAD environment and tailor made Cloud Solution
  • Set up QAD on Cloud for environment hosting, data backup and archiving
  • Dedicated or On Demand Services to manage your cloud based environment

Contact Sachin Shah ( to schedule a free 1:1 Session for assessment.

Executive Summery

13 years of experience in QAD

Complete understanding of Cloud Environment
POC and Demo’s available for validation

A global automotive company countries, wanted to consolidate their global environment. Thirdware powered the consolidation resulting in significant savings.

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