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Application Management
Today, most organizations have a plethora of enterprise applications that IT Department has to support on an ongoing basis. And a good portion of CIO’s budget is spent on managing the existing applications. The requirements range from training to continuous enhancements to keep the applications abreast of business requirements. Application Management is an area which offers significant potential for cost reduction through innovative means.

Today, IT like other services has started moving towards On Demand. Thirdware has been helping companies with a wide range of On Demand services in managing their application environment. Thirdware has been supporting companies to reduce their maintenance cost with offerings like On Demand Development, On Demand Training and On Demand Support.

Companies are also increasingly looking at support services based on ITSM framework. This allows companies to support applications based on process rather than on people. This allows a modular approach through Service Desk, Incident Management, Problem Management and Knowledge Management.

Thirdware, with relevant tools and methodologies, has been helping companies use this framework for a streamlined approach to support management.



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