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Executive GPS
Medium complexity
Development time between 2-4 months
High ROI
Rapid Development and Prototyping
Solution Development and Delivery can either follow the path of classic SDLC cycle or an Iterative process. While software development has followed the classic SDLC, companies are increasingly looking at ways to reduce the inherent risks associated with projects.
Projects timeline shifts when requirements have been not translated correctly or when development has not bee in line with the requirements or when the application ergonomics requires correction.
Rapid Development and Prototyping helps IT to reduce the time and risks. With a business workshop designed for key teams, key requirements of the project are finalized. Using a variety of tools / models complex business models can be easily and quickly constructed with default behavior. This helps IT to concentrate on meeting business requirements than on the nitty gritty of  application development and infrastructure components.
Rapid Development and Prototyping helps provide a complete application framework for optimal development and deployment of transactional business applications.

Thirdware's offering on Rapid Development
  • Complete solution set – from Vision to Web
  • Rapid development using industry standard tools
  • Usage of code libraries to reduce development time


Executive Summery
30% reduction in application Development cost
Modernizing using enterprise platforms like J2EE and .Net
SOA enablement through legacy component reuse

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