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Application Portfolio Rationalization
In many organizations, legacy applications were written in silos primarily addressing their line of business functionality. These have undergone many modifications / up-gradations to keep up with changing business processes or been reengineered to match evolving business requirements. Over a period of time these applications provide diminishing support to business objectives and require higher costs to maintain.
Also there are many redundant applications which get created as an effort to provide solutions that are a need-of-the-hour. This creates a surge in IT portfolio which can be viewed as a valid depending on which side of the table one sits. In such a scenario, it is common place in many organizations to spend about 75-80% of their IT budget on application management / maintenance.
In order to launch a portfolio rationalization, IT has to create a strong foundation consisting of
  • Study the current portfolio to quantify the risks and benefits of an application in relation to its costs and benefits.
  • Define the future state of the IT eco-system and also the path the legacy applications should take in the migration journey
  • Build a strong knowledge foundation to help transition the application
  • Optimize maintenance cost of current / legacy applications
  • Analyze the portfolio against the future state defined
Application portfolio rationalization must tie to the organization’s business objective to generate the benefits in the medium to long run

Thirdware's Application Portfolio Rationalization Offerings
  • Study and assessment of legacy applications
  • Consulting on future state IT and path to rationalization
  • Design and development of application


Executive Summery
30% reduction in application maintenance cost
Future state with path for legacy system migration
Enabling current generation platforms and SOA

To successfully achieve application portfolio rationalization, companies should ensure fundamental steps have been followed.

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