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Executive GPS
Medium to high complexity
Development time between 6-12 months
Medium ROI
Legacy Modernization
Applications which were bought, inherited, developed, improvised, enhanced and managed over a period of time are at a point of inflection. While these applications continue to serve critical business processes, cost benefit analysis of the same is skewing towards diminishing returns. IT is constantly challenged by the closed architecture, high cost of maintenance, non availability of resources and unwieldy integration mechanism.
For organizations embarking on legacy modernization, they are best served by retaining existing application asset content while transforming/replacing these assets to/with modern programming paradigms leveraging technologies like SOA.
In modernization, reengineering a portfolio is more suited for high business value applications. This assures lower TCO over a period of time. Complete reengineering will entail higher elapsed time and higher risk migration plan.

Factors determining the modernization approach:
  • Cost
  • Elapsed time
  • Life and Value of Asset
  • Business Process Change and change management
  • Access to Resources/Capabilities

Thirdware's Legacy Modernization Offerings
  • End to end solution – Study, recommendation and execution of modernization
  • SOA enablement through legacy component reuse
  • Re architecture and development using next generation platform like J2EE and .Net
  • Modernization using Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) Package and extension of top of existing application


Executive Summery
30% reduction in application maintenance cost
Modernizing using enterprise platforms like J2EE and .Net
SOA enablement through legacy component reuse

Companies are best served by retaining existing application asset content while transforming these with modern languages, database systems, and SOA services.

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