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Service Enabling the Enterprise
IT has over the period transitioned from Mainframe to Client-Server to Web services. Each of these paradigm shifts have taken only a decade in the evolution. Successful business have take significantly anticipate and take significantly less time to change their business models to stay competitive. With business applications written with a life span of 10 or more years in mind, processes driven by them have lagged slower that the changes. In many cases, due to the IT structure, they have formed silos of information formed by monolithic applications which can only be chipped or demolished.
The challenge facing IT is to reduce the time lag between the business needs and IT capability to meet the same. If not anticipate the changes. This requires a reduction in the cycle time of development. This requires business processes to be met with building blocks which are responsive, compatible and adaptable.
Enterprises are looking at Service Oriented Architecture today to meet the requirement of future. Services, which are the building blocks, reduce the chasm between IT ability and business agility. While enterprises will never be able to live with single platform / language, services must consider tools, processes and frameworks which can assemble composite applications. Enterprises must break down and define the business processes around which service can be wrapped in order to build the SOA.
With Service enabling, business should see the following budgets:
  • Quicker alignment of business processes with IT
  • Greater visibility of information
  • Lower maintenance cost

Thirdware's Offering on service oriented architecture
  • SOA Strategy Definition – Master Plan
  • Study & Assesment of Current SOA infrastructure
  • Implementing SOA based systems
  • Developing SOA based custom applications
  • Providing consulting support on the Service enabling business processes


Executive Summery
30% reduction in application Development and maintenance cost
Modernizing using enterprise platforms like J2EE and .Net
SOA enablement through legacy component reuse

What is SOA? How can companies service enable their enterprise applications? What should be the approach and what are the pitfalls to be avoided?

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