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Executive GPS
Medium Complexity
3-6 months
Faster ROI
More than the need for technology to aid business changes, technology is actually the catalyst for business changes. In a business world where barriers are constant being tore down by companies riding on technology, players either lead or are forced to adapt. The innovators, by leading with technology, gain both competitive and cost advantage.
Bandwidth and computing power coupled with vast amount of information made available, businesses are forced to change by technology. It is no longer enough to be an innovator. Leaders are Business Technology Innovators.
Thirdware has been helping companies for more than 13 years with its Business Technology  Practice. The accent has been on two key areas. Business Process Innovation and Cost Optimization. Tightly integrated with its Transaction and Analytical Layers (ERP and BI / EPM), Thirdware has been helping companies integrate their entire enterprise applications in a seamless manner.

Thirdware's Technology Offerings
  • Architecture and Development of solutions on all technologies
  • Solutions built on SAAS, PAAS, SOA and Cloud
  • On Demand Support and Maintenance Services for lowering cost of operations

Executive Summery
Dedicated Center of Excellence for Technology
More than 10 years of experience in integrated technology practice
Experience in providing solution across industries

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