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Executive GPS
Medium Complexity
3-6 months
Faster ROI
Today, Java Enterprise has become the de-facto standard for building enterprise applications and J2EE has emerged as one of the strongest platforms for creating business critical applications.
Thirdware, with its Technology CoE, has been helping customers to realize business benefits through effective adoption of Java Enterprise technology. The CoE, equipped with broad architectural knowledge, deep technical skills, best practices expertise, and close ties with product vendors and technology strategists provides thought leadership in Java technologies via developing frameworks that accelerate Java development, Proofs of Concept (PoCs) in emerging Java technologies.
Thirdware provides comprehensive J2EE application design and development services that leverages Java Application servers, J2EE Framework, including Java Server Pages, Java's Messaging Services and JDBC. We have helped  organizations save development time and cost by leveraging core J2EE application services and capabilities that can be reused by many applications.
Key Benefits
  • Reduce development costs and risks
  • Enhance quality of applications, development processes, and tool
  • Achieve faster time to market with shorter development cycles
  • Leverage proven architectural best practices, methodology, patterns, and frameworks

Thirdware's J2EE Offerings
  • Architecture and Development of J2EE based solutions
  • Migration of applications to Java / J2EE platform
  • SOA and Web Services:
  • Web 2.0:
  • Open Source J2EE Platforms (JBoss etc) for reducing total cost of wnership (TCO) of J2EE based solutions

Executive Summery
Dedicated Center of Excellence for Technology
J2EE expertise for application development and migration
More than a decade experience in enterprise application implementation

Using Pre-built Technology Workbenches (Migration & Testing) is an efficient approach while migrating J2EE application to latest Websphere version.

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