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EDI has been one key element in optimizing Supply Chain requirement. Countless companies have adapted EDI, integrated with their ERP and connected with their Suppliers / Customers to process much of the routine documentation / intimation.
With new Suppliers / Customers and with their adapted EDI requirement, there is a constant need to maintain the EDI environment. As transaction / ERP system undergo changes to meet new business requirements, EDI as implemented may no longer be the ideal solution. For example, new business requirement might involve Drop Shipment, Transshipment or Direct Shipment. Or generating a back-to-back Purchase Order against an incoming Sales Order. These business requirements will require changes to mapping / messaging and companies end up devoting key resources to meet EDI changes and to monitor the service.
Implementing and maintaining EDI requires an inherent understanding of the business and the transaction system. Thirdware with over 13 years of experience in implementing ERP (QAD, Oracle, SAP) and Supply Chain solution has been helping companies leverage EDI to meet their supply chain requirements.
With experience in EDI engines like Sterling Gentran, Sterling GIS and BizTalk, Thirdware provides Consulting, Implementation, Mapping and Monitoring services and helping companies make efficient use of their EDI set up.
Thirdware professionals have expertise in prevalently used EDI Standards like ANSI ASC X12, UN-recommended UN/EDIFACT, HIPAA to industry specific EDI Standards like ODETTE , VDA and TRADACOMS.
Our Consulting and mapping Services include:
  • EDI Requirements Assessment, Analysis and Design
  • EDI Solutions Architecture and Implementation
  • EDI mapping with translator applications
  • EDI integration with ERP packages such as Oracle, Peoplesoft, QAD, SAP and others
  • EDI Migrations
  • Custom Application Development for EDI
  • Trading Partner Setup, testing and maintenance


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Executive Summery
13 years of experience in implementing ERP and Supply Chain solutions
Experience in implementing & integrating EDI solutions
Full suite of EDI services on popular EDI engines

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