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Medium Complexity
3-6 months
Faster ROI
For Enterprise Applications and Enterprise Desktops, companies have relied and continue to rely on Microsoft products and technologies. This has been a good reason for companies to build new applications using existing assets. As computing technologies evolve, .Net platform with its wide spread usage provides the cushion for longevity and robustness.
Thirdware, with its Technology CoE, leverages on an extensive range of tools, technologies and applications to offer comprehensive solutions to organizations in the areas of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS), .NET-based Application Development, Business Intelligence and Migration from competitive technologies to Windows and .Net.
Thirdware over the years has built rich experience in all the facets of Microsoft technologies development including design frameworks, enterprise solutions architecture (Web and Windows based), Windows communications framework, web services solutions, web portal sites, enterprise reporting, workflow engines, collaboration portals, office integration solutions and other Microsoft solutions.
With its over 10 years of experience, Thirdware provides unified services in all key layers i.e., Data, Presentation and Enterprise.

Thirdware's Microsoft Technology offerings
  • Design, implementation and customization of Web and Windows applications based on Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Integration with non-.NET applications
  • Migration of legacy applications or components (COM, COM+, WinAPI, ASP) to .NET
  • QA services for .NET applications
  • Maintenance and technical support

Executive Summery
Dedicated Center of Excellence for Technology
.Net expertise for application development and migration
More than a decade experience in enterprise application implementation

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