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Maintenance and Production Support
SAP Support and on going maintenance has become a significant component in the IT Budget. In a recent study done on SAP environments, it was found TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and ACO (Annual Cost of Operation) is significantly high in the case of companies operating with less than 250 Users. It was found that small Users pay three times more per user than large organizations for on-going support per user. And on infrastructure, small Users pay twice as much as their large counterparts.

On Annual Cost of Operation, Gartner’s research shows business-oriented support account for almost 50% of all activities and costs within an organization using SAP. That 50% includes super user involvement and business process support to a large extent. Technical support takes up almost 36% of the expenditure.

With such significant support costs, it has become the key area for cost optimization.

Can ACO be reduced in a SAP environment? If so, what should be the holistic approach to optimizing the SAP environment and usage?

  • Inclusion of Business and IT in the Support Model
  • Structured approach to reduce support (Help Desk / Enhancements) requirements
  • Alignment of static support cost with dynamic support requirements
Thirdware has been helping companies not only with SAP Support but also in creating and sustaining a structured support model. With its On Demand Training and On Demand Support, Thirdware has been helping companies to move from a fixed cost support model to a variable cost model in line with their support requirement. This has been helping companies to measure and justify business value for the on going SAP Support.

Thirdware Maintenance and Production Support Offerings
  • ABAP Development of specific reports & functionalities.
  • Unlimited Support for pre-determined quantum of period
  • Unlimited support and maintenance services
Executive Summery
Application Maintenance Services directed towards reduction of support cost
Multiple models to suit various needs and budgets
On Demand Services for On Demand requirements

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