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Medium Complexity
6 – 12 months
Faster ROI
Consolidation Services
In a global environment, it is not unusual to find QAD implementation with multiple instances, on multiple versions, hosted locally and supported by multiple independent local teams.
This fragmentation of application, instances, infrastructure and support increases the overall ACO (Annual Cost of Operation) by at least 30 - 40%. This fragmentation also increases non-standard customizations leading to higher latency during upgrades and migration. Consolidation or Rationalization of the key components i.e., application, infrastructure and support, can reduce the cost of operation by atleast 30 - 40%.
Thirdware has been helping companies rationalize their QAD environment. With complete understanding of all versions from Ver.7x, Thirdware can provide the technical expertise required to complete the consolidation tasks.

Thirdware's Consolidation Offerings
  • Application Consolidation to rationalize versions and customizations
  • Infrastructure Consolidation to move from local hosting to regional / global data centers
  • Support consolidation to centralize and reduce support cost
Executive Summery
Comprehensive consolidation services directed towards to reduction of annual cost of operation (ACO)
Experience in handling Application, Infrastructure and Support Consolidations
30% reduction in Annual Cost of Operation (ACO)

A global automotive company countries, wanted to consolidate their global environment. Thirdware powered the consolidation resulting in significant savings.

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