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Executive GPS
Medium complexity
Implementation time between 3 to 6 months
Faster ROI
Application Management
Support and on going maintenance has become a significant component in the IT Budget. What are the broad causes which continue to keep the support cost significant?
  • Support requirements are dynamic but costs remain static
  • Lack of structured approach to reduce support requirements. Both at
    application level and at organizational level.
  • Separation of Business and IT in the Support Model
Thirdware has been successful in providing a variable cost support model.
  • Support Desk with dynamic strength instead of fixed strength
  • On Demand Support Services with no fixed components
  • Tools and methodologies for support volume reduction
  • Support across technologies to reduce multiple support groups
Thirdware provides support on all versions of QAD from Ver 7x to latest release. Thirdware's Support SLA's can be tailor made to suit global user requirements. Thirdware's Support Team provides extended support and can work with your infrastructure team to ensure complete application coverage.


Thirdware Application Management Offerings
  • Offshore DBA Services
  • Global & Regional Support Desks
  • Nearshore & Offshore Development Services
  • On Demand Support services.

Executive Summery
Application Maintenance Services directed towards reduction of support cost
Global and Regional Support Desks with Nearshore and Offshore Support
On Demand Services for On Demand requirements

When Rockwell Automation outsourced their APAC QAD support to Thirdware, support transition was entire done from offshore and successfully.

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