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Medium complexity
40% cost savings
Faster ROI
In a study published, QAD has the lowest TCO relative to annual revenue, fastest time to implement and highest average quantifiable benefits as a percentage of TCO. QAD has been the main standing ERP with manufacturing, automotive and CPG companies.
With the introduction of NET UI and with the forth coming release of Enterprise 2008, QAD will be significantly enhancing the functionalities. This should help in consolidating its position as a main stream ERP in a market which has seen polarization in the recent days.
Thirdware has been providing comprehensive services on QAD for the last 13 years. With one of the largest QAD practices in the world and Thirdware been helping its customers derive maximum benefit from their investment in QAD.
With over 250 resources, 2 Development Centers and 1 Center of Excellence, Thirdware provides comprehensive services in the areas of Implementation, Roll Out, Application Management and related services. In short, Thirdware provides services in the entire life cycle management of QAD.
Today, Thirdware services a wide number of customers in industries like Automotive, Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Consumer Products Group and Electronics.
With a robust implementation methodology and strong understanding of Progress, Thirdware has been the partner of choice for many multinational and Fortune listed companies.
Executive Summery
Dedicated QAD Practice for the last 13 years
Largest practice in the world with over 250 resources
2 Development Centers and 1 Center of Excellence dedicated to QAD Practice

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