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Oracle Oracle
Configuration Support
In an Oracle set up with multiple instances and environments, managing application configuration is a considerable task.  Changes to objects have to be approved and tracked. Environments have to be synchronized routinely for various testing, training and development needs. Documentation requires to be maintained to satisfy GRC compliance.
Thirdware’s configuration services provide companies with a medium to meet these requirements.


Thirdware's Configuration Management Offerings
  • Implementation of Oracle IntegraApps solution for configuration management
  • Workflow tools to manage request and approval of changes to configuration
  • Meet GRC and Audit requirements on changes to key configurations

Executive Summery
40% reduction in cost to manage configuration
Implementation of Oracle Integra Apps for configuration management
Workflow tools to handle changes to configuration

In a large solution like Oracle EBS with multiple environments, configuration management is a key element for effective implementation, maintenance and controls.

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