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Salesforce Integration Solutions
Most of the current CRM deployments aren't being leveraged or utilized to the maximum. The primary reasons for this are:
  • The lack of integration with the ERP to provide a 360 degree view of the "customer".
  • Duplicate / inconsistent data between CRM and ERP.
  • Lack of reports which combines data from CRM and ERP.
Salesforce Integration Solutions

Here's the "good news", over the last couple of years we have helped multiple customers through this journey and have built a toolkit for deploying rapid integration between multiple ERP's & SalesForce / Other CRM. Thirdware provides a complete integration toolkit between an ERP and

Our integration leverages the existing technology set and doesn't require our customers to make any new significant investments. This toolkit enables seamless integration and supports all types of integration - batch, near-real-time, real-time mode, master data, transaction date etc.


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