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With more than 50 percent of manufacturers’ revenues spent in their supply chains, firms have a burning platform to draw as much value from their supplier relationships as possible. In today’s competitive global markets, getting the best price is no longer enough. Margins of manufacturers and suppliers alike are being squeezed, and taking an adversarial approach does nothing to improve either party’s competitive position. This is where a disciplined, collaborative business model can be a game changer.

Global enterprises want to build an effective and streamlined supply chain and some of the challenges that they face in this are –
  1. Production down-time
  2. Expedited shipping costs
  3. Higher inventory costs due to buffers established at multiple levels
  4. Unstructured communication resulting in supply delays
  5. Multiple information sources and paper / email trails
EXSiGHTS is a platform for manufacturing enterprises to collaborate with their suppliers and enable information sharing so they can efficiently respond to dynamic forecasts. Built on the SalesForce platform, EXSiGHTS drives cost effectiveness, delivery efficiencies, inventory reduction & better visibility in the purchase-to-pay process through collaborative relationships with suppliers.

Production Planning
Changes in the production plans are transparent to suppliers which in turn can help suppliers plan their production capacity and materials

Suppliers can load ASN information and these ASN’s can be integrated with the underlying transaction system (e.g. ERP)

Purchase Orders
Suppliers get to view order details and acknowledge / confirm it

Suppliers can use this information to view the receivers against a PO or a release ID and they also gets to know details of when, where and who received the goods with a reference receiver number

Configurable Views / Email Alerts / Help Pages
Configure views in the way that makes most sense to you. Decide what events should trigger email alerts and who should receive them.

Promote collaboration between multiple stakeholders. Create focused groups in which group relevant content can be shared


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